Spiri has an abundance of wisdom in the Energetic healing field. I visited Spiri when I was in a really low point in my life and her treatment using RTT, Hypnosis and energy transference was transformative.  She discovered a deep wound in the first session and Ever since then I’ve been on a steep rise […]

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C. McMullan

I visited Spiri for a couple of days and she did a lot of work on my energy centres and help me understand the complexities of how my body operates and where I’ve been storing all my trauma. I could feel the immense heat off Spiri when doing the work on my head and my […]

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Simon W.

I am incredibly grateful to have met Spiri. For more than decade I have been struggling with severe depression, anxiety and self medication. I have seen countless professionals over the years and none were able to get to the root issues and address them so quickly! Spiri used hypnosis and taught me reframing amongst some […]

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Jim D.

Working a very busy job, with constant and frequent deadlines. Its easy to get run down mentally before you realise. Spiri has taught me how to not only switch off, but to separate work from personal life. Diagnosed with ocular melanoma I had to make some changes in my life. Using Rapid Mind Therapies Spiri […]

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S. Cameron

I was at a pivotal point in my life, having just walked away from a marriage of 30 years, feeling totally severed from the world & I happened to re-connect with Spiri via Facebook (I had met her while working in Real Estate more than a decade earlier). Emotionally I was a mess, I had […]

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Dan B.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Spiri! She has changed my life in many ways by helping me find clarity and understanding from my troubled past. After just one session I felt like a weight had been taken off of my shoulders, and that I could actually live an anxiety free life. I […]

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Jenna G

I had feelings of anxiety, doubt, low self esteem and a lack of confidence. I wasn’t sure what it would take to change, but knew it had to. After the first session, I instantly felt a sense of relief. Relief knowing in knowing how my beliefs were formed and why I had the behaviours I […]

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Glenn R

A former colleague flew to Qld to see Spiri and recommended that I speak with her in regards to my Anger – more so to manage my anger which was having a major impact on my life both professionally and personally. I was unable to understand where this anger was coming from and found that […]

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