Change Is Possible

Every individual on the planet has their own mind-map, or blueprint of beliefs which is their own recorded history or memory.  This means that no two individuals mind-map is identical even if they were an identical twin.  The beliefs you take on, belong entirely to you, and if you created a limiting belief than you can un-create it.  This is called neuro-plasticity when you take a belief, collapse it and record a new belief. One that is beneficial to you.

In my practice I see many clients who re-play their limited belief in their mind, several times a day, they buy into this belief not knowing that they have the power to change their thoughts and as such change their belief, which will change their life.

They are so comfortable and familiar with their damaging, limiting thoughts that change seems impossible, yet, the mind is not so complicated.  It does listen to the words you say, this means that by stopping your limiting thoughts in their track and changing the thought to a beneficial one, you will eventually silence that limited belief and set yourself free from your past.

When we talk about the past, it is present in so many people’s live.  They live in yesterday or yesteryear, replaying events that took place in the past, their emotional attachments to this past event triggers an emotional response that can affect their entire day. Yet, they continually think the same thoughts, knowing that those thoughts will elicit the same emotional response in their mind and body.  It’s as though they are addicted to being in a destructive or non-beneficial emotional state of mind.

We are the only animals on this planet that has free will, we are the only animals on this planet that can think a thought and change our emotional state in a split second, so it makes sense to think positively about any event that takes place.  I love the ideal that everyone who comes into your life is there to learn something from you or for you to learn something from them.

I have found that looking for the “good” is far better for your mental health than looking for the “bad”

For decades books have been written on the Power of the Mind, on the mind’s ability to control our behaviour and thoughts.  How we as individuals can change our thoughts and as such change our lives for the better.  It seems that this information has been available to the public for almost a decade yet, people choose not to believe that change is possible.

Interestingly most of the religious doctrines state that “So you believe, so you shall be” this means that this information has been available for centuries yet, individuals have either chosen to ignore it, or not really thought about this empowering sentence.


Unfortunately for many of us, somewhere along the way you stopped believing in yourself.  Most of us were born happy and healthy, we held no fears, we had no limited beliefs.  This means that you can, reinstate this emotional state of being.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Wouldn’t life look different for you?

If you truly are willing to commit to change, change is possible, it’s not an overnight solution but a journey with many steps.   Neuro-science understand that we can collapse synapses relating to emotional states that keep us anchored in the past and wire and fire new beneficial beliefs.

Just a caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly you too can shed your past and move forward into a future that you create in your new mental state.

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