This can be via messenger, skype or face-face – my preference is to in the first place see you face-face, this allows us to connect personally, it also allows me to see your skin tonus, breathing rate and more. Many people have travelled from all over Australia to see me understanding that they have had issues for many, many years.

Many of us spend $5/day minimum on coffee, gym or personal physical instructors but fail to spend any money on their mental wellness.

Just like everything in life, not all people gel. I believe to obtain the absolute best results you must be willing to make change – understanding that change takes time, time to change your internal computer’s programming (the unconscious mind), time to adapt to change. As such my preference is to only work with individuals who are deeply committed to being the best version of themselves.

Over the past few decades, I have learnt so much from my teachers as well as learning so much from my clients. It is a two-way street. For me personally, I believe that it is important that your unconscious mind which I calls the “little self” is familiar with my voice – as when the unconscious mind is familiar it is more likely to give up information through regression.

My process is as follows:

1. Consultation

This is a free 15minute chat.

2. Tasks – pre-session

I ask for you to undertake 3 tasks which will be explained to you in our free 15-minute consultation.

3. Pre-Session

Discussion where we review your forms, your primary concerns, discuss synapses etc so that you are fully prepared for your session.

4. The Session

The first session is one of discovery – uncovering HOW WHY WHERE and WHEN you may have acquired your issue (this may be physical or emotional e.g., Mental Heath issues).  RTT is utilised as a vehicle to regress you back in time to uncover the same emotional responses that are elicited, your unconscious mind may take you back to several events that triggered the response.  These events may not seem related when you view them consciously, however, the same emotional state elicits the same response which is WHY your subconscious mind has released them.    This session is 1.5-2hours.

Emotional states create synapses within your brain.   Imagine, firing and wiring the same emotional response over days, weeks, years, and decades?  Science states that we think the same thoughts today, as we did yesterday, so can you imagine how many thousands of times you thought the same thoughts that are not beneficial for you.  

Science believes that A human brain is made up of reports 10¹⁴-10¹⁵ (100 – 1000 trillion) synapses, with no citation or explanation. 

To move beyond the past requires you to understand how to collapse synapse that do not serve you and re-wire new beneficial thoughts and feelings that serve you best.

Once we uncover the events that fire and wire the same emotional synapses and view them from your current age perspective you will reach an AH moment in clarity.  The fact is that the only person who can help you heal is you – you control your thoughts, which effect your emotions.  We know that the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind.  As such, it is only through changing throughs by  re-framing that you are able to collapse synapses or behaviours that no longer serve you.   During this session, various modalities may be used including CBT, NLP, and clairaudience.


5. Transformational Recording

A script and recording will be prepared for you, this is tailored and individualized to you based on the discoveries during regression.

You can receive RTT treatment no matter where you live in the world using Skype.

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and conduct face-to-face treatments with individuals in Maroochydore.

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