Spiri has an abundance of wisdom in the Energetic healing field. I visited Spiri when I was in a really low point in my life and her treatment using RTT, Hypnosis and energy transference was transformative.  She discovered a deep wound in the first session and Ever since then I’ve been on a steep rise on my path to truly loving and accepting myself. Her follow up care is above and beyond. I deeply lucky to have worked with Spiri, her coaching is clear and concise and I feel her ability to get to the root of a block is intuitive driven and very powerful
I visited Spiri for a couple of days and she did a lot of work on my energy centres and help me understand the complexities of how my body operates and where I've been storing all my trauma. I could feel the immense heat off Spiri when doing the work on my head and my gut. Spiri helped me understand a lot of my family history and even had the insight to answers regarding my family past and present. I will definitely be keeping Spiri in my life as a mentor, therapist and most importantly a friend for life. Thank you for the amazing work you do i am privileged to have met you.
C. McMullan
I am incredibly grateful to have met Spiri. For more than decade I have been struggling with severe depression, anxiety and self medication. I have seen countless professionals over the years and none were able to get to the root issues and address them so quickly! Spiri used hypnosis and taught me reframing amongst some other amazing techniques which actually work! I have seen a substantial change in my thinking and my whole outlook on life has changed. I am now excited for the future. Spiri has a knowledge and an understanding I have not seen before, it's literally changed my life and I am so so grateful. Thank you.
Simon W.
Working a very busy job, with constant and frequent deadlines. Its easy to get run down mentally before you realise. Spiri has taught me how to not only switch off, but to separate work from personal life. Diagnosed with ocular melanoma I had to make some changes in my life. Using Rapid Mind Therapies Spiri introduced me to "Gratefullness" and eventually produced numerous personal recordings for me. Spiri has also passed on advice and phrases I have shared with medical experts, they asked if they can use them too! Then there is the amazing SPIRI DRINK! I start each day with one. My life is better for knowing Spiri.
Jim D.
I was diagnosed with cancer. I called my dear friend Spiri to tell her. She immediately switched into how she could support me through this. She talked about how your body has everything it needs to heal itself and the power of neuroscience. She created a hypnotherapy recording which I have played every morning. I’m a positive person but the recordings have kept me positive and calm through my treatments. I urge anyone to have a consultation with Spiri. She is an amazing, compassionate woman who has all the tools and training to help you change or support you in your life.
Jo L.
I can’t thank Spiri enough for holding space for  me and the journey I would go on with her.  Spiri has an amazing ability to open up your unconscious mind and bring forth significant moments in time, and connections within these past experiences .  This enables reframing in your current conscious mind to elicit change and renewal.  It’s an amazing experience with an amazing guide.  I have so much love and admiration for this process and for the wonderful human being Spiri is.  I am full of gratitude.
I was at a pivotal point in my life, having just walked away from a marriage of 30 years, feeling totally severed from the world & I happened to re-connect with Spiri via Facebook (I had met her while working in Real Estate more than a decade earlier). Emotionally I was a mess, I had also been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 20 years earlier .  I looked at Spiri’s website to get an understanding of the treatments she was offering & decided to take up a healing program using RTT with her. Just one session in and I was clear that I didn’t like myself let alone love myself, had buried myself in guilt for many yeas and those feelings were like a tight ball lodged inside of me.  Spiri unlocked the reasons why I had been suffering from this condition in the first place.  I stopped talking my medication for UC at that time and haven’t used it since as I have had no need to.  This was 18 months ago.  I have had a colonoscopy recently and there was NO sign of inflammation .  Spiri has provided me with the tools to feel alive, thrive & enjoy my life with all that exists around me including visualizing what it is That I truly want.    Invest in you!, start your journey of healing now.  It is truly amazing how quickly you can transform your world.
S. Cameron
I am so grateful to have met Spiri, she has changed my perspective on life and myself so drastically that I cannot thank her enough. I am 18 and have struggled with self-esteem issues, clinically diagnosed body-dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety. This year was too much for me and my parents organised an appointment with Spiri, and thank god. Since seeing her I can honestly say I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I am less fixated on my appearance, I can enjoy myself freely and have fun, all of which were difficult to do in the past. So thank you so much Spiri
Body Dysmorphia – Daughters Perspective
I found Spiri at a very difficult time for my 18 yr old daughter. She has been suffering from Body Dysmorphia and Social Anxiety, it has been seriously worrying for all of us, and she had been secretly carrying these issues for some years. But they were revealed in a very serious way when my daughter was forced to stay home by herself during the Covid lockdown. Spiri returned my call at such a synchronistic moment that I knew my daughter would benefit from seeing her . Within days of seeing Spiri my daughter was in the kitchen with me and she started humming a song and started dancing. This blew my mind as it was so uncharacteristic of J... it seemed like the weight of the world had been lifted from her! Spiri had unearthed an event that had deeply hurt her confidence in herself. There is further to travel on this journey but J has seen there is light at the end of the tunnel. And she displays an optimism that she never had before. We are so thankful for having met you Spiri! :)
Body Dysmorphia – Fathers Perspective
Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Spiri! She has changed my life in many ways by helping me find clarity and understanding from my troubled past. After just one session I felt like a weight had been taken off of my shoulders, and that I could actually live an anxiety free life. I regard Spiri as a friend as she shows a care for her clients that is rare in this industry. Thank you Spiri, you’re a special person with an exceptional ability to change lives, but most importantly, you have a heart full of love for those you help.
Dan B.
I can’t thank you enough for the experience I had with you. It sounds cliqued but it was absolutely transformational in a way I still find difficult to explain. In such a short time my mindset has completely changed. I came to you full of guilt and regret, and my head was a complete mess. I could barely speak without bursting into tears! In just a few sessions, my mind has cleared, my outlook has changed and my positivity and happy mood have returned. You have given me the tools to understand that I already have everything I need. All I have to do is look inwards and I will find everything I am looking for. I am sincerely grateful for my experience with you and can’t recommend you and your services highly enough. Like I said, I look forward to going to bed at night so I can listen to your recording!
Sophie M.
If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, are stressed, or just not who or where you want to be, then do yourself a favour & contact Spiri. She is great at giving clarity, direction & purpose to making wholesale positive changes in your life. I needed a path to freedom from guilt & resentment which was creating illness within me. For the first time in 20yrs I’ve felt “normal" my intestinal issues have disappeared. I’m now excited for the future instead of fearing it.
S. Cameron
For most of my life I had not been able to sleep, I had tried many different modalities but nothing had ever worked. I was tired and depressed,  my every waking moment revolved around thoughts of my lack of sleep, my life was deeply affected. I then found Spiri .... She is a compassionate, professional and a loving soul, that allows you unpack your history in a safe and caring environment. I thought I had dealt with so much of my past but with Spiri’s help and guidance I realised I hadn't. I thought I would become overwhelmed throughout  the session but just the opposite happened. Thanks to Spiri with her calm manner and specifically created  recordings  I feel lighter more confident and can see things for what they are without emotional attachment.  I finally know what its like to sleep. The follow up chats she provides are so supportive, this lady really cares about your wellbeing. My only regret is not finding her sooner.
Michele H.
Before I met Spiri, I was quite reluctant towards hypnotherapy.  I had been suffering from hormonal migraines since my early twenties.  I would regularly end up with a 2-3 day migraine every month.  Spiri is very gentle.  She is warm, friendly and fun to be around.  She takes the time to educate and prepare you for her practice of rapid mind therapy. After being lead into hypnosis (which was nothing like the David Copperfield state, I was expecting) by Spiri, and listening to the recording she gave me on a nightly basis, I can tell you that I have experienced 3 months migraine FREE!  It is the first time in twenty something years that I have not had a migraine.  It is such an awesome feeling to not to suffer from these.  If you are suffering from migraines or any other anxiety or trauma of any sort, I highly recommend Spiri, if only for a chat at first.  She is so passionate about this practice and truly believes in the results - as do I now!
Michelle S
I had feelings of anxiety, doubt, low self esteem and a lack of confidence. I wasn’t sure what it would take to change, but knew it had to. After the first session, I instantly felt a sense of relief. Relief knowing in knowing how my beliefs were formed and why I had the behaviours I had for such a long time. And hope. Hope knowing things were going to change. I’ve never had such a quick and transformational change. I feel brighter in my mind and feel so at ease talking to people. It’s less than a week and I’m feeling a lot more confident and conscious of the language I use and being kinder to myself.  My life has changed for the better since meeting Spiri. The change since the first session we met and listening to the recording has been truly transformational.
Jenna G
A former colleague flew to Qld to see Spiri and recommended that I speak with her in regards to my Anger – more so to manage my anger which was having a major impact on my life both professionally and personally. I was unable to understand where this anger was coming from and found that in fact it was  intensifying  causing me to take “stress” time from work.  My role is in high management and involves managing a team of 42 individuals – finding myself in this position lead me to question my existence – depression followed which was treated with medication. Short story – Spiri explained brain synapses and negative emotions and how each time my anger or resentment presented itself it fired of neurons based on negative emotions .  Prior to my flight to Qld we discussed re-wiring my brain to new beneficial beliefs which is called neuro-plasticity – A recognised science.  Spiri sent me a recording to listen to prior to our appointment to set me up.  (Her words).I listed to a recording for a few days prior to my appointment and came with an open mind as I had nothing to lose.   The session revealed deep rooted beliefs and conditioning.  I left the 2 hour session feeling as though I was someone else – lighter in attitude and lighter generally.  Hard to explain.  Needless to say having an understanding of the cause of my anger, making peace with it and listening to my personalised recording has made a significant difference in all areas of my life, surprising weight has also dropped from my frame.   My business colleagues , friends and family have all commented on my “change” .  I feel stronger, confident and myself again after many years of anxiety I am sleeping better – in fact my entire life has changed for the good. Spiri is a sounding board without any judgement – her professionalism, knowledge and non-judgement is unexpected.
Glenn R
Empowering and life changing are just a couple of examples I have experienced after meeting Spiri. Along with her education and wealth of knowledge; her professionalism and human touch have made her an invaluable asset in my life.  Her personable approach and warm heart makes you feel at ease instantly. Never have I encountered a person with as much compassion and conviction; Putting others before herself to benefit and empower them to succeed at any endeavour they are seeking. Spiri provides you with the tools of her specialised industry along with her support to make sure you find peace and succeed at life.  I feel blessed to have encountered her. I have grown and forgiven, and achieved goals personally and professionally that I felt were out of my grasp. I will cherish Spiri for all that she has helped me achieve for a life time, and will call on her expertise for future goals.
Emma B.
Spiri came into my life at a time of need. I had lost my Dad, I was abusing alcohol, struggling with anxiety and depression, distancing myself from my family, hiding away from any emotion and generally not in a good place. By the time our first appointment came around I had well and truly hit rock bottom. I had lost all control and had given up on everything. Including myself and my life. With Spiri There was never any judgement and most importantly there was no big reaction. Just understanding and understanding. Since being treated by Spiri every area of my life has improved. I am getting married, I have an amazing new Management position and importantly I am happy and healthy both physically and mentally.  If you suffer from depression, anxiety, a lack of self belief – than Spiri is the one to see as she has helped me  get to a place where I could appreciate who I am and what I have. I wish I could express how important and special Spiri is to me. I look forward to each time we see each other. I love the place I am in now and will continue to see Spiri.
Robert G
Once again Spiri I cannot thank you enough for managing to unlock parts of me which I thought I had dealt with but now realise I hadn’t. Your care, compassion and understanding through the session enabled me to work through this in a safe & harmonious setting which now thanks to you has resulted in a sense of calmness which I have never experienced before – I had always felt like I was having to run from what I felt were my issues but now I feel that I have resolved them and I am at peace. I look forward to creating the life I am destined for now that I have removed my perceived blockages around not being good enough. So it is with much thanks again that I update you on what is only my first few weeks into this brand new life and I can’t wait to begin working with you on the next chapter.
Emma B.
Spiri’s therapy has allowed me to connect the dots of my life puzzle at a subconscious level. I may have understood them at a cognitive conscious level but the subconscious is the key here. These dots in time created unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and feelings that i carried around in me which held me back from being the best expression of myself. My experience with Spiri tells me that it is only at this subconscious level that true healing can take place. I have found Spiri to be the missing link in my self-healing process at both a physiological and psychological level.
Spiri is a dynamic person with a depth of care for others that is both genuine and trustworthy. She is able to delve deeply into the subconscious and unconscious mind to untangle realities that have been created, enabling emergence with a clear mind free from past obstacles. If moving forward is what you are hoping for, then I can highly recommend Spiri Buhagiar of Rapid Transformational Therapy.
When I first met Spiri Buhagiar, I was at an all time low. With a lifetime of constant ill health, a divorce that had ended a 25 year marriage, problems with relationships and death within my family, my faith in simply walking forward had been truly shaken. I had tried many different therapists over the course of my lifetime and yet my confidence was still non-existent. Not knowing how to move forward any more, Spiri Buhagiar like a powerful loving force to be reckoned with, enabled my mind to open up and truly feel comfortable, relaxed and secure enough to face that which was holding me frozen and immobilised. She regressed my mind back to mental blocks that I knew were there and to blocks that I was totally unaware of, giving me a whole new perspective on my abilities. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I now feel like I have been set free to relax and believe, and totally love and accept myself.
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