Personal Power The Masterclass

Power – we all have it!

We are energetic beings, our heart and brain produced electromagnetic fields, our trillions of cells pulse with energy and life, we alter the air we breathe and convert it to energy, we convert food to energy, we emit energy and can transmit energy and alter energy to support ourselves.

Following through from live workshop presentations, I have created a Masterclass with tips and tools on becoming the best version of yourself; Happy, Healthy and in control of the mind.

- Spiri Buhagiar
Cl.Hyp ARTT, CBT, NLP, Behavioural science, Neuroscience & Quantum Physics.

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This Masterclass Includes:

Module 1: The Power of living from the heart

The heart is the emotional centre of the soul and our connection to all. This module has been created to assist you with a greater depth of understanding of the immense changes you will experience when you understand the power of love and living from the heart. Imagine if heart felt thoughts were considered before speaking out or making decisions?

Included in this module are heart felt exercises – patients who have used these exercises are amazed at the changes they have experienced. This module includes an audio "Heart Mediation"

Module 2: The invisible power of Breath Work

The Power of Breath – Breathwork is extraordinary. We breath in an out without much thought, yet we have the ability through breath to de-stress in minutes, change our nervous system, increase our health and wellbeing, have a wonderful night’s sleep, restore energy and vitality, release anger and much more. Multiple exercises and outlines are included in this module.

Module 3: Personal Power through Mind Mastery   

Our brain is like a computer and just like a computer it can be defragmented and programmed - in this module you will be taught how to collapse old worn out beliefs with brand new ones. There is homework to do before commencing work on this module and exercises to complete to collapse old synapses and re-wire new ones that best serve you.

Module 4: The Power of Gratitude

Just google the benefits of Gratitude and you will be amazed at the benefits to you and your life.  The changes that can come about when you understand this emotional state are extraordinary. This module includes heart felt exercises which have brought about amazing results for my patients who have implement them – they truly could not believe the changes.  Included in this module is a beautiful meditation to start or end your day.  For anytime in fact.

Module 5: The Power of Belief

Did you know that your beliefs have been downloaded from your life’s influencers – parents, experiences, friends, education.  Have you ever asked yourself if your beliefs are limited? Do they hold you back based on your opinion or stop you from fitting in?  This module has been written to help you gain a greater understanding of your belief systems with tools to help you implement change if your belief is holding you back from life due to their limitations.

Module 6: The Power of  Living Energy

Do you understand the power that your body produces – your brain, your heart? Did you know that you can harness your energy by tapping into your energy systems and harnessing the earths energy?  In this module you will gain an understanding of your own personal energy centres including how to harness and balance them. To fire you up when feeling flat or to slow them down when you are feeling hyperactive. You have living power – use it for your betterment.

Module 7: The Power of Intuition - Developing your intuition

Have you had life experiences that had you doubting yourself not being clear about what you want and what you need and ignoring your inner voice thinking it is wrong?

Are you finding that you have broken trust with yourself and you are having problems making a decision or a choice? My intuition workshop is the perfect solution. In this module I help you to understand what is your intuition which has been gifted to you – it has been written to help you.

Module 8: The Power of releasing the Past

Do you live in the Past?  Do you continually think of someone or something that happened to you last week, last month last year or decades ago.  If you are one of the greater percentage of people who replay the past good or bad, then it means you are stuck! In this module you will be taught how to – finally set the past free so that you can live the life you want.  You will be taught how to fully release the past whether it is events, episodes and/or trauma.  Do you want to live in the present and take advantage of Life.  Than this module is made for you.

Module 9: The Power of communicating with your own DNA

We began life as a single cell, which ultimately turned into trillions of cells. This module comes with a powerful recording to be listened to as you are going to sleep - the recording will speak directly to your unconscious mind, that part of you that functions your body - this recording communicates directly to all the cells in your body. The truth is, if you were born happy and healthy, with a healthy immune system which reproduced healthy cells why did it change?

Health practitioners are correct in as much as our environment, the food we eat and our mental attitude all contribute to our health - yet there are many people who do all the right things such as eating well, exercising and meditating - yet their health is suffering. It could be that they have an unconscious belief which they may not be aware of.

In my practice many of my clients are so surprised by what their unconscious beliefs were - yet it made perfect sense on a conscious level. Our aim here is to communicate directly with your unconscious mind by speaking with your cells - filling them with love so that your body does what it is meant to do. Every single day we lose trillions and trillions of cells and replace them - our aim here is that your body replaces this worn out cells with healthy, happy cells.

Unless we were born with a genetic condition most of us were born healthy and happy – our cells were perfect and our body knew how to heal itself however over the years lifestyle, environmental conditions, diet and the state of our minds including our limited belief may have compromised our health.

This module comes with practical work to be undertaken prior to listening to a powerful hypnotic recording which is best listened to while falling asleep to ensure that your unconscious mind and not the conscious mind is receiving the message as it is the unconscious mind that functions your body. Your unconscious mind is powerful beyond words, once you understand how to communicate directly with it. My recommendation is to first listen to this recording daily for 90 days and then every alternate day.

I personally communicate with my cells daily to remain healthy.

Module 10: Ultimate Power – designing your destiny

Destiny - you have the power to create and design your own destiny. The majority of us understand vision boards and affirmations, many of you have tried these and given up when your vision is not realised.

Designing your destiny requires your conscious mind and unconscious mind to work in tandem.

This module has a hypnotic recording to reprogram your mind to a successful future.

Prior to listening to the powerful hypnotic recording you are required to complete tasks.

Designing your destiny takes you through your time line to the future then back to the present.

There are multiple lessons, tools, recordings, and practices to implement into your life to expand your awareness, increase your energy and wellbeing and to project your future.

In my 30 year journey of discovery, study, experience and practice I have been privileged to have met and studied with a number of amazing individuals who are changing the world, additionally I never cease to be amazed at the learnings I have from my patients about human nature and the changes that can be brought about when we take control of our mind, feel love and connect to the universal energy. How making peace with your past can set you free to live the life you are meant to live and how neuroscience and quantum physics opens you up to the world of possibilities and probabilities.

Purchasing the entire package at a discounted price will give you a host of additional lessons and demonstrations including affirmations/prayers to protect and safeguard you.

Become the best version of yourself!

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