Personal Power Masterclass: Module 9



“The Power of communicating with your own DNA”

We began life as a single cell, which ultimately turned into trillions of cells. This module comes with a powerful recording to be listened to as you are going to sleep – the recording will speak directly to your unconscious mind, that part of you that functions your body – this recording communicates directly to all the cells in your body. The truth is, if you were born happy and healthy, with a healthy immune system which reproduced healthy cells why did it change?

Health practitioners are correct in as much as our environment, the food we eat and our mental attitude all contribute to our health – yet there are many people who do all the right things such as eating well, exercising and meditating – yet their health is suffering. It could be that they have an unconscious belief which they may not be aware of.

In my practice many of my clients are so surprised by what their unconscious beliefs were – yet it made perfect sense on a conscious level. Our aim here is to communicate directly with your unconscious mind by speaking with your cells – filling them with love so that your body does what it is meant to do. Every single day we lose trillions and trillions of cells and replace them – our aim here is that your body replaces this worn out cells with healthy, happy cells.

Unless we were born with a genetic condition most of us were born healthy and happy – our cells were perfect and our body knew how to heal itself however over the years lifestyle, environmental conditions, diet and the state of our minds including our limited belief may have compromised our health.

This module comes with practical work to be undertaken prior to listening to a powerful hypnotic recording which is best listened to while falling asleep to ensure that your unconscious mind and not the conscious mind is receiving the message as it is the unconscious mind that functions your body. Your unconscious mind is powerful beyond words, once you understand how to communicate directly with it. My recommendation is to first listen to this recording daily for 90 days and then every alternate day.

I personally communicate with my cells daily to remain healthy.


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