Personal Power Masterclass: All 10 Modules



Following through from live workshop presentations, I have created a Masterclass with tips and tools on becoming the best version of yourself – Happy, Healthy and in control of the mind.

This Masterclass Includes:

  • Module 1: The Power of Living from the Heart
  • Module 2: The Invisible Power of Breathwork 
  • Module 3: Personal Power through Mind Mastery
  • Module 4: The Power of Gratitude
  • Module 5: The Power of Belief
  • Module 6: The Power of Living Energy
  • Module 7: The Power of Intuition – Developing your intuition
  • Module 8: The Power of releasing the Past
  • Module 9: The Power of communicating with your own DNA
  • Module 10: Ultimate Power; Designing your Destiny


Purchase the entire package and receive the following audio/visual recordings:

  1. Energy Circle This is powerful and is ideal to use if you are going into an important meeting, mediation, traveling, of facing a person or persons who may take your power (energy) or diminish you.
  2. Connecting to the Universal Energy Step by step guide to connect to the Universal Energy.
  3. Connecting to the Earth’s EnergyStep by step guide to connect to the Earth’s Energy.
  4. Personal EnergyA step-by-step guide.
  5. Protection Affirmation/Prayer – (non- religious) for times you are feeling unsafe or insecure.
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