Christmas Cheer or Christmas Fear?

christmas stress

For many people Christmas is not a time of celebration but rather a time of fearfulness.   If they are alone with no family, all that goes with Christmas reminds them of their sense of isolation which quite often leads to severe depressions.  To make matters worse many places that they may visit are closed.

Very recently I was present at the opening of the Men’s Shed in Maroochydore – this wonderful organization which is world-wide is a place of gathering, a place of friendship and a place of belonging.  It was interesting to hear Federal Member Ted O’Brien discuss how few people today as opposed to a decade ago Belong – to a group, club or organization – a place for social interaction.  This is a sad indictment on the society in which we live – community is vital for the mental wellness of all – belonging – is part of our DNA.   Wild Animals if kicked out of their herd, flock, pod do not survive.  Humans are the same, human interaction is necessary for survival.

Multitudes of places, including halls and places of Worship close their doors for days throughout the Holiday season isolating people further.

Fear of being along is possibly the worst feeling that one can have – If you know of someone in your workplace or community that has no one, please reach out to them, even if it means delivering a card to their letterbox or taking them a meal.

Having worked with an organization that supports people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to suicide – I know that this time of the year is crucial for that suffering loneliness, depression, isolation and to others who have family but feel alone.

Being kind takes no effort, neither does smiling, so while you are out walking, having a coffee, shopping or working just check-in with a smile, a hello or a phone call.

If you are on your own, I would encourage you to volunteer and help out others it is amazing what friendships you can form.

Be well, be safe and importantly be grateful for what you have whether that’s a little or a lot.

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