Courage Is The Opposite Of Fear!

Courage = the ability to do something that frightens one

Fear is insidious, it robs you of clarity of mind and your physical strength, it can cause you to feel ill.

The opposite of fear is Courage.

Do you feel fearful?

Do you know why you feel fearful?

What’s the driver behind your fear?

Is fear robbing you of opportunities in Life, work or sports?

If you have answered Yes, to any of the above questions, understand that YOU can change your fear and turn it into excitement.   Yes, Fear and excitement run along the same parallels.

Have you ever watched people on a roller-coaster, some are screaming with excitement others with fear, yet their face has the same look.

All l babies are born fearless and confident unless they were born to an addicted Mother.

This means that if you were fearless and confident in the past – no matter how long ago that was, that you have the opportunity of reigniting this memory and overriding fear.

This could make an enormous if not monumental difference to your life.


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RTT is a process devised by Marisa Peer, it’s a step-by-step programme which incorporates the best of Hypnotherapy, CBT, and NLP.  If you would like to call me (no obligation, free consultation) I can respond to any questions you may have.   There are several interventions that may be incorporated into a session which includes regression, to find out “how, when where and why” you adopted a limited belief based on Fear to which Courage is the opposite. Once you understand on an Intellectual level why you feel the way that you do, it is the first step into recovery.

My mantra is Discovery allows for recovery!

Having a limited belief for years and years means that it may take time.  If you have had a belief or fear for 30 years it won’t go away in a 2-hour session, however, what we will discover is WHY you feel the way you do, once you understand this on a Intellectual level it will start the process of change.

If you would like to know more, please email me to arrange a skype or phone call for your complimentary session.  This will be approximately 12-15 minutes where you can discuss with me your prevailing issue, or any questions you may have about the process.

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