De-Fragmenting Your Personal Internal Computer – Your Unconscious Mind

To be or not to be!

Our unconscious mind is the keeper of all our emotions, beliefs, and memories.  It works just like a computer, taking on information and ultimately forming beliefs.  The words that you say to yourself are the most powerful words that you can ever hear – so it is vital that you understand this if you want to change habits or beliefs.

Recently on Facebook a team leader – who sells nutritional supplements and works with individuals to help them loose weigh, broke down publicly and admitted, that here she was selling products, being a team leader, yet unable to reach her goals – that it was so difficult – no matter what she did or tried the weight always came back – not due to food, or lack of exercise or lack or determination.

What she failed to understand is that the mere admittance of this failure imprinted further into her subconscious mind, confirming her statement to herself “no matter how hard I try, I fail”

She was re-wiring her limited beliefs in her unconscious mind – the most powerful part of a personality. Your subconscious mind is like a programme running in the back of a computer, evetime you think a though that is limiting, you are hard wiring that belief.  Just like a computer you can defragment your unconscious mind and remove those limiting thoughts.

I find it interesting that individuals get so caught up in their failings that they don’t realise that they are setting themselves up for further failure.  What you believe and the words that you say to yourself impact you most.

Just like re-programming a computer it does take effort and being present to undo the work that you have programmed into your subconscious mind.  If you have limiting beliefs that do not serve you I invite you to read the testimonials from individuals who have worked with me.  My role I believe is to give you tool to better help yourself by understanding the “little self” which is a name I give to the unconscious mind.

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