Quite a simple statement but one that raises a lot of questions. Do you feel mentally strong or are you a prisoner of your beliefs that are tattooed into your subconscious mind?

Perhaps you one of those exceptional few who feel mentally strong, powerful, confident no matter what life throws at them. If you are in the latter category – congratulations!

Recently I saw a documentary on Katy Perry – this documentary showed her at her most vulnerable backstage just before performing – Wow. She picked herself up bounced onto stage and performed even when minutes before she felt powerless. In just a few minutes she reframed her mind from being powerless to being powerful. I don’t believe anybody in the audience would have even been aware of the events taking place backstage a few minutes earlier.

No-one Is Immune

Many individuals model themselves on people who are superstars believing that these superstars whatever their profession may be are immune to feeling powerless ever! They compare themselves to these individuals who we only generally see at their best.

Almost everyone on the planet at some time felt powerless. Equally they too would have had the experience of feeling powerful.

Being Powerful or Powerless are emotional states – even if you are in a fight for your life situation these emotions all arise from your mind. As human beings we differ from the rest of the animals on the planet in as much we have duality of mind. Our conscious and our unconscious.

Our mind is the most powerful resource that we have available, it is believed that even the most sophisticated computer software in the world does not compare to our mind.

Are you the Master of your mind?

Can you control your thought or do your thoughts control you?

Are you feeling Powerless or Powerful?

Science understands that we have two minds – the Conscious self – walking, talking, analytical, as well as own unconscious mind which is the keeper of all our memories and all our emotions. Just like to separate individuals your two minds can work together or be poles apart and in conflict with each other. Ideally, we want them to work together – this makes us powerful!

As man, we are the only species living on planet Earth that can think a thought and change our physical and emotional state of being.

What does being powerful mean?

It means being in control of your mind, mastering your mind, understanding your thoughts and behaviors. All behavioral states originally arise with a thought.

This means that you can choose your emotional states – to feel powerful I recommend that you take the time to spend time on you, after all there are 1440 minutes in every day, you deserve to spend some time on you. Watching Ted Talks, educating yourself by viewing clips on people you admire who have had an input into the world, watching documentaries of people who have come from humble beginnings and achieved what many who knew them in their childhood believed was impossible. Inspiration can come from many places so spend the time on you, make the choice to be in control to be the master of your mind and your moods.

There are many people that I take inspiration from. I just love what Anh Do has achieved. I was fortunate enough many years ago to be at a conference which featured this amazing individual. It was then that I first read his book which chronicles his journey to where he is today. This book titled “The Happiest Refugee” is inspirational to say the least.

If you one of the millions of people who recently listed to the words of New Zealand’s prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the aftermath of the atrocity committed in Christchurch in March 2019 you will see an individual who is powerful in her speech and direction even facing an ordeal that would render many a lesser mortal powerless. She is truly a powerful person.

Being powerless is a choice unless you are incapacitated in some way – so what’s stopping you from mastering your mind and being powerful!

Be up and on your way to a new state of being.

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