Dying To Be Understood – A dialogue on eating disorders

People die all over the world from eating disorders – these individuals are crying out to understood, to be accepted, to believe that they good enough even unconsciously.

In 2017 whilst studying in the U.K, I was fortunate enough to have met Dr.Anna Colton who has specialised in eating disorders for more than 2 decades in one of Europe’s largest hospitals for those suffering from these conditions.  It is recognised that eating disorders fall under the mental health spectrum.

Through neuroscientist, quantum physics and modern sciences it is understood that the unconscious/unconscious mind and not the analytical mind that functions the body, this mind is also the keeper of all memories – so it does make sense to access this part of a person when dealing with eating disorders.

Since returning to Australia I have worked with quite a number of individuals ranging in age from 12- 44 with majority of those being younger women between 15-25years of age.  My aim and objective has always been to help people help themselves by imparting knowledge and understanding to these individuals once we have uncovered the “reason why” they are in the situation that they are.  Of course, one can never help anyone unless that person themselves wants to be helped.

When working with clients/patients no singular modality or method is used as it is understood that each any every individual is as unique as their fingerprint.  To me it makes no sense not to tailor a programme for everyone allowing their process of recovery to be unique to them.

Through hypnosis and RTT we try to uncover the reason how, why where and when they first began their tenuous journey down this path, understanding WHY unconsciously and then having it presented to the conscious/analytical mind can help in many cases.

People suffer for years, many in silence – with some never recovering or having the opportunity to live the life they were meant to.  The cost to families in emotional pain and helplessness can never be dismissed or trivialised.  I have had parents despair and blame themselves for their child’s condition  others dismissive of the seriousness of their child’s health who want their child sorted out because it has been affecting their educational performance or sporting performance.

Please feel free to read the testimonials on my website and specifically the one on Body Dysmorphia from the client and her parents.  Just last month  I spoke  with this young lady who is now in control of her life – undertaking university studies into psychology and working part-time.

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RTT, Hypnotherapy, NLP combined may help.

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