The other day I was listening to the ABC radio, where an interview was being held with an eating disorder advocate, who mentioned 2 recent deaths, one by suicide, one by heart attack.  This devastated me.  These young women had lives to live, to enjoy being happy and healthy but their disorder was stronger than their will to live .  We are losing too many precious souls to this disorder.  I call it a disorder because the order of life is in disarray.

Eating disorders have been around for generations, however, since the advent of social media coupled with the isolation of COVID this disorder has exploded with many lives lost.

RTT & Hypnotherapy can support anyone who is suffering, if you are working with an eating disorder advocacy such as Butterfly House or Ended or any other organization, we can work with you to help support your journey.  You see, talking therapy deals with the conscious mind, however, it is the sub-conscious mind that is the keeper of memories, its job is also to function the body.  As such working with the conscious mind, and more importantly the unconscious mind is the first step to recovery I believe.

RTT and Hypnotherapy work directly with the individuals conscious and unconscious mind to help to bring about change.  It is not a miracle treatment but one that uncovers the reason why the individual is suffering this disorder, this can help the conscious mind to understand WHY the disorder began – usually with a limiting belief.

Below is a testimony from a sufferer who is now at university, holds down a job and has a wonderful partner, there is also a testimony from her father – I urge you to read them both.

Body Dysmorphia – Fathers Perspective

I found Spiri at a very difficult time for my 18 yr old daughter. She has been suffering from Body Dysmorphia and Social Anxiety, it has been seriously worrying for all of us, and she had been secretly carrying these issues for some years. But they were revealed in a very serious way when my daughter was forced to stay home by herself during the COVID lock-down. Spiri returned my call at such a synchronistic moment that I knew my daughter would benefit from seeing her . Within days of seeing Spiri my daughter was in the kitchen with me and she started humming a song and started dancing. This blew my mind as it was so uncharacteristic of J… it seemed like the weight of the world had been lifted from her! Spiri had unearthed an event that had deeply hurt her confidence in herself. There is further to travel on this journey but J has seen there is light at the end of the tunnel. And she displays an optimism that she never had before. We are so thankful for having met you Spiri! 🙂

Body Dysmorphia – Patient (daughter)

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Spiri! She has changed my life in many ways by helping me find clarity and understanding from my troubled past. After just one session I felt like a weight had been taken off of my shoulders, and that I could actually live an anxiety free life. I regard Spiri as a friend as she shows a care for her clients that is rare in this industry. Thank you Spiri, you’re a special person with an exceptional ability to change lives, but most importantly, you have a heart full of love for those you help.

Remember, a journey starts with the first step, If you would like to know more about my work and how I may be able to help you, please do feel free to call or email me to book in a free 15 minute consultation.

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