Ego Is Often A Destructive Performance & Word

Life in general is like a school ground, you are always trying to second guess what is happening, what has happened, why it may have happened, whether you fit in or don’t fit in, if you did or did not say the right thing, if you did or did not respond correctly to an email received, whether you should or should not speak up, whether or not you should shine or stay silently in the background.

In almost all circumstances we are held back by Ego of others – e.g. will I or will I not offend someone if I shine, or personally others may ignore or diminish you if you have a great concept, idea, work harder, achieve more.

In recent times I offered my services to 2 organizations who deal with young women suffering a deciduous disorder.  In n both cases the person had (a) either a family member who suffered this insidious disorder, or (b) had experienced the disorder.  Neither was interested in speaking with me, even given the successes that I had with those suffering this disorder.

In both cases ego was involved – “we have this in hand”, neither organization was even interested in speaking with my former patients or speak with me further.  Rather than seeking to do whatever to help those suffering they chose to stay in their limited belief.  Last night I attended a dinner with multiple therapists we discussed this personality trait which is seen in both personal life and throughout businesses.   Rather than choosing to help those in need in whatever way possible with whatever means possible they chose to sit in their limited belief that they knew best.  This situation is rife throughout Businesses where team members, don’t work as a team but an individual wanting to shine within the team or organization.

This is just an example of ego in play.

We have all heard the expression “Two heads are better than one”, there is a reason for this.

Over the years working in Real Estate, I have trained a multitude of people, given them my understanding and knowledge, with the understanding that these people will outshine me as they have been given my knowledge and experience + they add to their own – I see this as a #“Star” to me as I am helping someone to achieve their dreams and goals.

Unfortunately in this Industry many agents are taught to be competitive and see their fellow workers as competition rather than complimentary to themselves.

EGO should have no place in your personal life or in any organization.

Making someone feel less, does not make you shine!

However, making someone feel good about their journey or themselves should be the goal for everyone.

As Maya Angelou said “I have learned that people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

# we always received stars at school if we achieved good results.

Coming soon an online workshop called Personal Power, this workshop contains 10 modules each designed to give you the power to move forward in your life, with these life tools this on-line workshop is based on a workshop that had been presented live – pre Covid 19 a few modifications have been made as well as a number of new modules.   You will hear more on this over the coming weeks.

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