Invisible Injuries

emotional wounds

In this blog I want to discuss invisible injuries.  Injuries that nobody can see.  Emotional Wounds that you may have had for years if not decades.  For many individuals, these emotional wounds have become permanent scars on their souls and psyche. In fact, people rarely understand where they first felt these wounds, or even why they feel the way they do.

Rejected, neglected, afraid, unworthy and a range of emotional states that seem to be there in the background of their minds.

The good news is that through RTT we can uncover the How, Why, Where and When you created these wounds.  Yes, no-one can create these wounds but you.  Two people can have the same experience but walk away with a different point of view, or belief.  This means that if you took on a belief, you could remove that same belief.  Sounds incredible, but its true.

If you are one of the walking wounded, I would encourage you to look at Marisa Peer and her methodology that she has created after decades of working with thousands of people successfully.  I was fortunate to have studied with Marisa in London several years ago; her technique of regression does get to the “root cause” of any issue.  You see, you can’t fix something you can’t understand.  By uncovering the root cause – you conscious/intellectual self can see what happened, why you took on the belief and therefor after reviewing have an understanding as to WHY you took on a limiting or several limiting beliefs.

Quite often, I have found that we uncover one wound, it revels another wound/ limited belief.

If you have tried just about everything why not book in for a session with me – or at the very least arrange for a free consultation.

The areas that I specialise in  are Mental health (invisible wounds) and Body image including body dysmorphia.

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