ENERGY = POWER! What are you transmitting?

Energy is the key to success.  All living things are made up of energy, we transmit energy, and we receive energy.

Have you ever had a feeling that someone did not like you, you could feel their negative energy -or negatively towards you? There may also be times when you intuitively felt something was wrong with someone or something – again, you are picking up on energy.

Have you ever noticed too that when you are feeling low, that positive things seem to avoid you? – or that depressed people attract depressed people, angry people attract angry people etc?

Success in all areas of your life including work comes back to how you are feeling.  The energy you are giving out.  So, it’s important that the energy you transmit is upbeat and positive.

We all can change our energy through thought, diet, tapping & acupuncture.

Chinese medicine understands that we have subtle energy fields running through the body called meridians this has been known for thousands of years.

Try these simple exercises to help you lift your energy. The basis is quantum physics.

  1. Stand on earth barefooted. Imagine roots coming down from your feet to the earths center – feel the energy of the earth coming back through your feet to your heart.  Stand in this energy for a few minutes.
  2. Imagine an invisible source coming down from the sky –close your eyes see the colour of light and energy (silver/white) feel this entering your skull, then feel it move down through your body to your feet and back up to your heart. Feel the energy the universal energy – welcome it and ask it to stay with you for the day.
  3. Imagine an invisible line where your shirt joins your sleeves – press into this area with the opposite fingers e.g. use the fingers on your right hand and press into the top of your sleeve line on your left shoulder, do small circles , pressing then circling until you reach just behind your rib cage. Do this on both sides for immediate energy.

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