Fear is an emotionally crippling state of mind

There is myriad of emotions many of which can cripple a person – we have all heard the statement “emotionally crippled” which describes the state of an individual’s person when they are fearful of moving forward in their lives – they are so filled with fear that they basically become emotionally paralysed.

As Richard Bandler would say – I’m not a psychologist and therefore, I not interested into giving my client insight. I want to give them personal freedom instead. I want people to have the means of denying the need to have bad or inadequate feelings for the rest of their lives.

It’s true we can’t change what has happened in another’s life – but we can change the way we feel about things.

Fear does not come from outside

Outside events may have triggered that emotional state, however fears are internal – they reside in your mind. If untreated fear can turn into a phobia.

In fact, there are so many fears that a number have been given names for example fears that are given a name – like arachnophobia, or fear of water aquaphobia, or fear of flying which is called aviophobia and the list goes on.

Fear is crippling, it can create intense anxiety which can lead to depression. So, it is very real for the person experiencing that emotion.

Joe Dispenza – a well-known scientist and neuro-scientist has spent years researching, investigating and working with individuals beliefs which live in the sub-conscious mind, he research concludes that if you are consciously aware of your unconscious thought (fear is an unconscious thought) you can than take steps to collapse the synapses associated with that thought. In every doctrine the same words are written albeit slightly differently “so you believe so you shall become” this means that this truth has always been known.

So how do you move beyond fear?

How do you transform yourself? Through being mindful, being aware of your unconscious thoughts that loop round and round like a merry-go round, the only difference is that a merry-go round can be forced to stop – so how do you stop this real fears that continually rule your life or the life of someone you love? This can be difficult as sometimes the individual is totally unaware of when and where the phobia began.

Hypnotherapy can help with uncovering where and when the fear began – once the root cause has been uncovered it can be discussed in an intellectual way. I have found that many of my clients fears or phobias began in their childhood – sometime a prank was play on the individual that has created a deep and lasting belief based around the experiences of that one even. Discovering the event, viewing and dissecting it in the now often has immediate result – however, the unconscious mind is so used to behaving this way that it can fall back into it’s old pattern of behaviour because it has become familiar to them and unknowingly on an intellectual level they fall back into the old pattern of behaviour. To collapse a synapse as mentioned previously one must be consciously aware of the unconscious thought to then dispel that thought.

Dr. Rosita Rodriguez believed that the unconscious mind can be related to the behaviour of a small child e.g. 3-5 this is a period of time when language has not been totally formed so the child lives in an emotional state – they the child learns through repetition so if we take this into consideration we can understand on an intellectual level that we learn through repetition – so being constantly vigilant on your thoughts.

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