Hypnosis For Business Success!

This may sound pretty far fetched to many CEO’s and Human resources managers in Australia – it is however a tool used in many Corporations in multiple western countries.

Perception is projection, we know that many people associate hypnosis with stage hypnosis, where people bark like dogs or crow like roosters – imagine, opening up the mind to auto suggestion where people do these things, now imagine using these tools to support team members to becoming more resilient, healthier, motivated!

Yes, Hypnosis can do that.

Hypnosis can also help with aligning or imprinting the companies set of values into the mind of your team, it can help with motivation, procrastination, health, memory, public speaking, team building and so much more.

Have you considered how hypnotherapy can support your business or your company’s business?

Do you know that in many countries in the word hypnosis is used for enhanced sports performance?

Did you know that sporting greats like Michael Jordan used hypnosis for sharp focus and mental stamina and that Tiger Woods too uses hypnosis for mental acuity?

Are you aware that Tony Robbins, Kevin Costner, David Beckham and Richard Branson have used Hypnosis?

Curious?  Feel free to give me a call to discuss this concept – it may be the best 15 minutes you have spent for your company.

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