Kick FEAR Out! Let The Sunshine In!

Turn your face to the Sun and shadows fall behind you –

I don’t know who originally said this, however, my good friend Jimmy Stuart uses this phrase often.

It is so true, if you look for good things, it always makes you feel better, than looking at the  darker side.

The fear generated and perpetuated by the uncertainty of Covid19 and the isolation of lock-down has created so much darkness- ….stress….anxiety…separateness….isolation…….depression….and the worst emotion FEAR!

FEAR robs you of physical and emotional strength and takes you back to childhood where you   may have had so many unfounded fears based on the lack of understanding and knowledge.

FEAR activates the sympathetic nervous system – your survival mode of FIGHT or FLIGHT.

You can override your sympathetic nervous system through a very, very simple breathing method that activates your para-sympathetic nervous system.

It’s so simple –

Block your right nostril and breath in deeply through your left nostril, then breath out with a sigh through your mouth.

Do this for at least 10 times and you will feel CALM – you can do this anytime during the day  no matter where you are – if you want privacy then just go to the WC/LOO/Toilet – it’s someplace that no-one will disturb you.

This is one of 43 ways to give yourself Personal Power!

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