Lamenting & Releasing The Past

It is so easy to sit down and lament the past, for many it is beyond a past-time, they live in the past, living in regret is detrimental to your physical and mental well-being.

People do this in all areas of their life whether that is personal or business.

I believe it is a good thing to reflect on the past, to review decisions we may have made in an objective way – much the same way we would if we read a book, or viewed a movie reflecting on what that was about and/or What did I learn from that?

When you look at the past objectively in a detached way you may find that you have had a valuable experience that has taught you something.

When reviewing the past, I do believe that the most important thing that one can do when is to change our attachment to the past.  Observe what emotion arises when you do review your professional or personal past, is the feeling that arises a good or bad one, one that is not in your best interest?

When coaching individuals, I ask my clients/patients to write down the even in brief the experience and then on the other side of that the page the emotion it elicited.  Then review the emotion and ask yourself if having that attachment to the event supporting you?  If it’s not supportive then write down how it is not supporting, you.

It is important that you hand write this down

When you physically pick up a pen and write both sides of your brain are engaged – this means both your emotional and analytical mind come into play.

Writing down “how this emotion is not supporting you” and engaging both your analytical and emotional mind will help you to disassociate the attachment to this experience.  Review your notes daily for as long as it takes your conscious and unconscious mind to accept that this is not beneficial for you.  You will know when this is no longer of interest to you.  Burn this note and set it free energetically.

Coming soon an online workshop called Personal Power, this workshop contains 10 modules each designed to give you the power to move forward in your life, with these life tools this on-line workshop is based on a workshop that had been presented live – pre Covid 19 a few modifications have been made as well as a number of new modules.   You will hear more on this over the coming weeks.

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