Leading an Uncomplicated Life!

If you feel that your life has or is becoming complicated, it’s time to review what you believe is complicated by writing it down.  NOT TYPING, but grabbing a piece of paper, a pen or pencil and writing down what is complicated in your life.   Is it a person?  A job? Your finances? Your family? Health?

Putting anything in writing, activates your conscious and unconscious mind – you see your conscious/thinking self is analytical, whereas your unconscious mind is the emotional part of you this means that at times both the conscious and the unconscious mind are on different pages literally, so writing things down activates both sides of your brain too.

Here’s some examples:

I can’t find the time to exercise:

There are 1440 minutes in the day!  I need to value myself which means taking care of my health – solution

  • Wake up 1 hour earlier.
  • Go to bed 1 hour later.

I am struggling financially:

Google financial advisors in your area, call them and see who I resonate with.

I hate my job:

Identify “what” you hate about your job.  Is it the work if it is the work what is it that you hate?  Is it too difficult? Is it boring? Is it the people you work with.  You firstly need to identify “what is the issue” that is causing you concern.

My partner/colleagues/family r does not understand me:

What is it that they do or do not understand?

Remembering that our view of the world or even the language we speak can be misinterpreted – it’s often not what you say but how you say it.  Stop and listen to your partner/friend/colleague words – LISTEN WITH THE INTENT TO UNDERSTAND not REPLY – quite often people are thinking about a response and not really listening to the subtlety or intonations of what has been said.

I feel sick all the time:

Identify where you feel sick, what part of your body or is it your mind. 

Body  – perhaps consider seeing a functional Doctor in your area, have blood tests, stool test, hair analysis.  It is recommended that you do not listen to Dr Google as it can take you down a rabbit hole.

Writing down the things that are complicating your life, may give you a totally different perspective.

Making time for your physical and mental wellbeing is imperative – Health is Wealth.  Ultimately it is all down to choose, so what choices can you make that will help to alleviate or uncomplicate your life.   Don’t try and tackle everything at once, if there are several areas that are complex, then undertake to understand and resolve them one at a time, after all you do have time unless you have a terminal diagnosis, then time is limited.

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Be grateful, practice gratefulness it will help you to view life differently.

Feel free to download my gratefulness meditation and commit to listening at least once a day for a month.

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