Making Peace With Yourself

Making peace with yourself

We all live in someone else’s reality – what I mean by this, is that expectations are placed on us by our parents, our teachers, our network, our partners, our family and most importantly by ourselves, we set our expectations mainly based on other’s opinions and  goals .  Of what others expect of us, this leads to us having  critical discussions with ourselves based on the  opinions or expectations of other people as well as general media. It’s a wonder its so difficult to be peaceful and calm within ourselves, to accept ourselves for who we are, what we look like and what we do or don’t do and what we have or what we don’t have.

This constant state of comparison cannot and will not give us peace.

The reality is that no two people are the same, therefore no two people can experience the same experience or live the same life. We are all unique beings with our own mind-map which is a record of everything that we have experienced throughout our lives; our loves, our desires, our dreams, our passions, our interests, our pain, our joy, our education, our family , our life’s experiences and so much more.

Living someone else’s expectation created stress, anxiety and can lead to depression, when we feel we don’t measure up to someone else’s or societies expectations of ourselves.

Stress today effects almost everyone – the amygdala is in constant flight or fight mode for so much of the day that it is developing a new pattern on behaviour and may not switch off, affecting your sleep and general health.

Happiness and peace come from understanding WHO we truly are and looking inside ourselves rather than looking outside of ourselves.

When we look outside of ourselves, we believe that someone of something will make us happy.

Here are a few prime examples:

  • When I get a new job, I will be happy.
  • When I lose weight, I will be happy.
  • When I have a holiday, I will relax.
  • As soon as I find someone to love me, I will be happy.
  • When I buy my new car, I will be happy.

So how can you create “peace” in your mind.

To make peace with yourself to allow yourself to breath, to really breath in and out deeply, to breath in fresh air, to have your feet connect with the earth, to sit down and relax when you eat any food, to take time out to be to developer your own sense of self-worth by spending time on YOU, by caring for yourself, by loving who you are warts and all.  By loving the uniqueness that is you.

Meditation is recognised throughout the world as a tool that allows the mind and body to re-connect, to de-stress, this wonderful tool is easily accessible.  It simply involves breath and mindfulness.  All too often, I hear people say that they just cannot still their mind, they have a concept that their mind should be blank when meditating – this is not the case for most people.  Meditation is being aware of thoughts and letting them float by rather than fixating on that thought, its connecting to your inner peace and quiet.

How would your life look if Peace were a part of it?

If you have tried meditating in the past, why not try again, I have created a guided meditation that is easy to follow.  This meditation can be downloaded for FREE by logging onto today.  Click on the menu button, then recordings, meditation recordings and then clicking onto the free meditation.

Until next time.

Enjoy.  Spiri

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