Mental Mind Tools for Success in Your Business Life

Many businesses today operate differently since the advent of COVID. We all know this, many businesses update their computer software, bring in team members from overseas, look with interest at the latest technological tools, yet few consider mental tools as an investment. Mental tools assist your team members to operate at their optimum. It is a fact that in Australia up to 20%of the population is impacted by mental health – people suffering lose productivity, focus and importantly their happiness and mojo.

When you wrap your head around the facts that 1 in 5 people within your organization will at some time need mental support – counselling doe assist, however, in many cases counselling does not get to the root cause of the employees mental/emotional state of mind. See facts below:

RTT can assist in supporting individuals, more so in helping them to identify HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY they changed from being a happier individual to their current state – when an individual can uncover the reason for their state of being their journey of recovery.

The mind is like a computer it can be defragmented and have new programs installed. World renown neuro-scientists Dr. Bruce Lipton has clearly stated that the only way one can access the unconscious mind (the emotional mind) is through hypnosis.
My services can be in-house or out of house with consultations via zoom or Skype. If you would like to know how you can invest in your greatest asset to maximize their input and happiness contact me today.

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