Mind Magic and Miracles

Mind Miracles

The words ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’ are very similar in as much as they both cover events or happenings that are outside natural or scientific laws. In other words, things that happen that are unexplainable.

There have been many great thinkers and philosophers throughout time who have spoken or written about miracles, including biblical writings.

Science today—especially neuroplasticity and neuroscience—talks about mind matters and how the mind, or cells in the brain can be changed based on beliefs and environment.

Mind miracles are widely discussed and written about by a number of prominent scientists and medical professionals, including well known authors and speakers such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza, all of whom advocate the power of the mind to bring about miracles through changing thoughts and self-talk, ultimately changing belief systems.

It’s a miracle!

There have been many documented miraculous recoveries. A very well-known case is that of Morris E. Goodman, the ‘miracle man’, who suffered the most horrific injuries in a plane crash in 1981. Morris did not allow opinions of medical specialists to deter him in his quest to walk and talk again—a recovery which medical expert deemed impossible. Morris refused to believe their diagnosis and instead he focused his entire attention to believe he would recover. He set himself a goal to walk out of hospital by Christmas. This is exactly what he did.

Morris’s conviction in his own self beliefs—his expression, ‘A man becomes what he thinks about’, is very similar to words written in the Bible, ‘You are what you think’ (Proverbs 23:7)—literally rewired his brain to believe that he would walk and talk again.

I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar in Los Angeles in 1985 and saw first-hand the X‑rays, images of Morris in an intensive care unit, specialist reports and statements and, of course, the man himself standing there right in front of my eyes.

Many medical specialists dismissed Morris’s ‘miraculous recovery’ as a misdiagnosis of his injuries. These specialists would not, and could not, accept that the power of belief could create physical changes in a very damaged body.

Dr Joe Dispenza had a similar experience to Morris and now tours the world helping people to understand that individuals have the power to create their own physical miracles. He has written a number of books on  THE SELF (who you perceive yourself to be based on where you live, what you do, what you wear, what you drive, who you know) , including ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’ and ‘You are the placebo’. Dr Dispenza’s teaching reflects Morris’s conviction that your belief system becomes you; in other words, our mind is influenced by our thoughts, words, images and emotions, through which we can influence change in our own cellular structure.

Certainly, the recoveries of Morris Goodman and Dr Joe Dispenza were deemed to be miracles; ask them and they will tell you that it was their unshakable beliefs were their miracles.

Neuroplasticity and neuroscience did not exist in 1985 and, even though these new sciences are beginning to understand the mind and how it can be reprogrammed and rewired for new beliefs, there are still many disbelievers. Even as recently as 10 years ago, thinking this way by scientists would have had serious repercussions on their reputations. How times change!

Neuroplasticity and neuroscience—and after thousands of years of mental awareness/ meditation—we know that brain patterns can change by mere thought and concentration.

In his book, ‘You are the placebo’, Dr Joe Dispenza discusses the power of the mind and the mind’s capabilities.

My kind of miracle

Meditation has been scoffed at for many years by western or allopathic medicine, yet today it is clearly understood and accepted by the medical profession that meditation can change brain patterns and, by doing so, can have a significant effect on a person’s general well-being.

Medical science is a miracle to many people who suffer from diseases or pain, yet the belief that plants or needles can cure would have been heresy in times gone by when herbalists and healers were burnt at the stake. Those who believe in self-cure are still scoffed at, yet is seeing believing?

Religious sites throughout the world are visited by thousands of pilgrims annually who believe in miracles or miraculous healings; their beliefs or faith are so strong that physical changes can be spontaneous.

So you believe, so you shall become

It is a common belief that our psychology has a direct influence on our physiology; conversely, the opposite is true: our physiology can influence our psychology.

I have witnessed so many profound physical and emotional changes using RTT and hypnotherapy that I regard it as a miracle or magic, as do those I have helped.

I truly believe that our minds are our own personal magic that are capable of creating physical and psychological miracles. As many holy books state, “so you believe, so you shall become”.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)—incorporating hypnotherapy—uses command cell therapy to assist individuals with a wide variety of health ailments and emotional states. Through hypnotherapy, your brain can be rewired to create new beneficial beliefs that can change your life.

Your mind is your miracle

Your mind does, and will, support your beliefs. If you believe that life is hard, it will be. If you believe that life will get better, it will. If you truly believe that anything is possible, and you focus on your belief, it will become a reality. I am not talking about visualising and repeating a mantra but believing so deeply that you can feel it and experience the outcome in your mind. When a belief feels so true to you deep in your body, heart and mind then ‘miracles’ can happen.



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