Modern Science and The Mind


In the past 10 years there have been greater in-roads into the mind and healing than there were in the previous 2000 years.  Some of the fastest growing science divisions are those which delve into the Mind.  These sciences include epigenetics, neuro-science, neuro-plasticity and quantum physics.

Each of these sciences works on the mind and breaks it down to a simplistic state.  Put simply   science understands that the mind influences your body, your genes and your health.

Epigenetics is a science of the human genes and the influences of your mind and your environment.  What has been discovered is that your environmental factors and your thoughts have a direct effect on your genes and your cells.

Your thoughts can directly influence your genes as can your environment – e.g. happy, violent, sad, and general.   We know that children from a violent background are often unhappy, and unwell.  Their environment has a direct effect on their wellbeing and their future outcomes.

The science of epigenetics understands that your environment be it happy, angry, sad, stressed, anxious etc. can influence the growth or destruction of your cells and your genes.

Now, that’s all good news, because you as an individual can choose to be happy, sad, stressed, anxious etc.   Human beings are the only animals on earth that can think a thought and be sad, think a thought and be happy, think a thought and be energized, think a thought and feel good etc. etc. That in itself is truly amazing.  You could be feeling down and hear the laughter of children which immediately changes how you feel.  You could fear something e.g. going out on a boat then find that you are truly enjoying the environment and the ocean because your focus in on the ocean, the sky and the environment and you forget all about your fears because they have been overcome.

You are the master of your own mind! That’s wonderful news, and means that you can influence how you feel and what you feel.

Neuro-plasticity is the science of re-wiring your brain through thought process – your beliefs.  Again good news because we can set about changing our limiting beliefs and fire up new positive neurons.

Quantum physics discusses how cells can change by being observed even if they can’t see the observation they can feel the observation – again this gets back to base emotion.  If we can think positive thoughts and feel positivity and happiness it can influence our cells.

So, you ask what has this got to do with RTT Rapid Transformational therapy?

We know that  so many people carry burdens, they feel anxious, stress, sad, unable to move forward, no motivation, no self-love and respect; yet they cannot put their finger on “what is the cause” of these emotions.

RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy through hypnotherapy works with you to discover the “root cause” of your issue, because you can only make something better, if you know what is wrong.  Through regression we can discover the When, How, Where and Why you may have formed limiting beliefs and then set about removing these beliefs because they belong in the past where they occurred.  We then set about creating new beneficial beliefs which light up your neuro-pathways and create new thought patterns which ultimately affect your psychology and physiology.

RTT is not a miracle drug or therapy but rather a therapy which allows the client to discover what may be holding them back or causing an issue.

RTT uses the best of neuro-science, psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy to bring about change.  Change however, can only happen if that’s what you want.  Quite often, individuals feel comfortable being in a victim state because they receive attention – if that’s not you, than we can work with you and for you to make changes to your life that are beneficial to you moving forward in a positive , happy way with you in control of your life.

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