Moving Beyond Fear

Fear is insidious – it’s debilitating, and for some individuals it’s so debilitating that they never step foot outside their doors.

So, why do we have this emotion – in times gone by, fear was beneficial as it activated the amygdala and gave flight to feet, allowing people to flee pray, so it did serve a purpose and that purpose was to save you.

Today, however, for many individuals fear rules their lives, years of counselling and revisiting their past has not removed this often-unfounded fear that they are feeling.   Hypnotherapy, CBT,-science and NLP in the right therapists hands can release people from living with this overwhelming emotional state by getting to the “root cause” of the issue – discovering or uncovering the reason why individuals feel the way that they do.

As a toddler right through  mature adulthood I could not sleep through the night – during regression we uncovered the reason WHY I could not sleep through the night – the reason was that my sub-conscious self (the little self) believed if you slept all night you died.  This believe came about when my parents fled in the night with my younger brother and returned without him – my little self took on the belief above because it did not have the intellect, life skills or reasoning to understand the WHY in that situation.

The unconscious mind is the keeper of all your emotions and all your memories – if you have experienced and experience that elicited a deep emotional state this will be embedded into your unconscious self; the greater the emotional connection the stronger the unconscious memory is.

I liken the unconscious mind to “the little self” just like a 4-year-old child who lives in an emotional state due to the fact they don’t have the language skills, life skills, and developed reasoning the unconscious mind reacts the same.  As the keeper of all your emotions and memories you can also liken the unconscious mind to the hardware in your laptop – you are aware of the programme but need an IT specialist to access it.

If you have lived with fear or a phobia which is fear based and want to know how to move beyond that fear – give me a call for a free 15minute consultation.

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