Personal Power Masterclass Topic – Making Peace With Your Past

making peace with yourself

You can’t live in the present until you have emotionally and energetically let go of the past.

One of the modules that will be presented at the Personal Power Masterclass on September 14th is all about “Making peace with the Past”.   Over the years I have worked with many patients/clients who want to live in the now, they want to project a positive future but are held hostage by their emotional attachment to events of the past, whether that is the distant past or the more recent past.

What everyone had in common was that they were held back by their emotional attachments to events in their past.  In all events there was someone else involved – someone who made them feel inadequate, obsolete, angry, distressed, hopeless, afraid, frozen, fearful, stupid, ugly, disempowered and a myriad of other emotions.

Quite often my clients felt angry, fearful or resentful towards the person or persons who had caused them to feel the way that they do.  Just the mere thought of the event or the person/people involved often elicited a negative emotional state of being.

Many years ago, 25 to be exact, I was privileged to study under Dr. Rosita Rodriguez a psychiatrist out of Chicago who had a very different viewpoint on health and emotional wellness.  What she recognized was that when people experience events that were traumatic, or disempowering was that they needed to emotionally and energetically disconnected from the past, to set it free. Dr. Rosita was the first person to introduce me to the field of quantum physics and personal energy. It seems far fetched in those days, but everything she spoke about is now recognized as science.

I would love to share this knowledge with you so have included a module on this subject in the Masterclass.

During the Masterclass we will delve into the ways that you can help yourself to move beyond the past limitations so that you can live in the present, how you can set your set free emotionally and energetically from the past.

Personal Power – The Masterclass is interactive and educational.  You will take away with tools to use after you leave the Masterclass.  These tools include a Workbook, Hand-outs with exercises, practices and instructions including a 4-minute energy exercise worksheet as well as a free download of a non-monastic mediation to help you start your day. To find out how you can book, or information on the other modules please log onto

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