Possessions are a small measure of HAPPINESS!

A New Year has begun – this is a time when many people make a resolution/goal/commitment on something that they wish to achieve or attain.  Over the decades I have observed that people either want to attain/possess something external, be that making $$$ in the year, purchasing a  a house, boat, new shoes, a trip or other material possessions – or they want to make a physical change to their appearance either add or subtract weight from their bodies or alter their bodies in some way.

Possessions are subjective and relative to an individual only – what one enjoys or aims for can be something that disinterests others.  E.g. Buying a boat and sailing may be pleasure for the person with that objective, it can however be a nightmare for another who suffers travel sickness.

These sorts of goals are a small measure of happiness, as happiness on achieving a goal is often short lived, the same as possessions, quite often when they become familiar, they have lost their happiness sheen.

Happiness lies within! – it is a feeling of contentment, joy, feeling at peace and at one.

Rather than making a resolution on something external, perhaps it may be worthwhile to reflect on the year that was and look at what you had not what you did not have – e.g. A country where we are relatively safe, and environment where you can breathe in the air and drink water from a tap, a country that has in place a means to help those less fortunate or those out of work.   Perhaps you can stand upright and speak, being grateful for being here the alternative is losing one’s life.

Medical science knows and understand that STRESS is a precursor to many illnesses, medical science also understand that we all have tools that we can use to reduce stress including:

  • Making a different choice
  • Breathing in deeply and slowly
  • Being grateful
  • Meditating

You do not require money, you simply need to make a decision to commit to better choices including, breathing deeply, thinking good thoughts, meditating, being grateful, appreciating what you have.

There are 1440 minutes in every day, believe that you deserve to spend time on YOU , Yourself and you will feel the change, feel happier, sleep better.

Please feel free to download my easy meditation or audio’s.

May this year be filled with light and laughter, good health, happiness and love.

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