Resolving The Past

It is our thoughts that keep us locked into the past – this means that we alone are the only one who can resolve the past whether that is a limited belief, trauma, grief and a myriad of other emotions.

It was psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud who argued that depression is an emotional state caused by events, whereas modern medicine mantra is that depression is caused by something going on in an individual’s brain – leading to the proliferation of drug therapy which adds chemicals into one’s brain to “numb” the emotion.

I have never been a Freud advocate; I do however agree with this analysis.  It is our emotions that keep us connected to the past.  It is only now that modern science is beginning to understand that the environment we grew up in and the emotions we experienced based on our environment that creates fear, depression, insecurity, anger, and a myriad of non-beneficial emotional state of being.

After working with many, many people, I have truly found that identifying the HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN we developed a belief of ourselves or when fear entered our lives was during the first decade and a half of our lives.  E.g., 0-15years of age.   That is not to say that that one cannot develop these emotions later in life, Trauma can happen at any time, it is our emotional association that keep us locked into the past

These beliefs are broad and are a direct result of an experience we experienced that was not beneficial to us or our development and the only way we can really find out what these events were was through regression and accessing your unconscious mind.

Understanding that your unconscious mind is the keeper of all our memories and emotions it does make sense to access this part of you (the unconscious mind).  – Quite often trauma is blocked out of the conscious mind so that the individual can function and cope with life.  This is a safety barrier that we all have.

As such accessing the unconscious mind through regression can often bring about a depth of understanding as to WHY you may have formed beliefs that are not benefiting you.   Accessing the unconscious mind is done through hypnotic regression.  This DOES NOT MEAN that you will experience the experience, or re-live the experience, how can it?  It is the past.  Regression is simply reviewing an event in a detached way as an adult to understand WHY we took on the limiting beliefs that we did.

Many people fear hypnotherapy and in particular regression as they believe from stage performances that the hypnotherapist will take over their minds.  This is not the case at all, in fact, if a cat or dog walked into the room and jumped on your lap you would be perfectly conscious of this.  At all times you are in control Regression is like playing a video and viewing it from your position, rather than being “in the video”.

I do know in cases of trauma and childhood sexual abuse that there is fear and apprehension about re-visiting the event/s – this is perfectly understandable, there are interventions that RTT utilises to help you during the session including confronting the abuser as an adult.

In some cases, children suffered abuse from those who were meant to take care of them, this for many is difficult as we have been taught in many societies that we must respect our family, our parents, grandparents, teachers, carers, religious teachers/priest/pastors/clerics etc.  This is simply not true!  How can you be expected to respect someone who did not or does not respect you?  Would you really allow your child to be treated disrespectfully??

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The areas I specialise in are :

  • Mental unwellness including depression, trauma, anxiety, not feeling good enough.
  • Body issues – e.g., body dysmorphia
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