RTT in Business

erduce stress in the workplace

Hypnotherapists are often called into workplaces, more so for motivational work or to assist in positive thinking.  This is an exceptional tool- once which I have studies and utilized, RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy use hypnotherapy, as well as incorporating Neuroscience, CBT and NLP for RAPID CHANGE!

Additional to this we can offer lessons on breath work to assist with de-stressing and/or removing anger in minutes.  Breath work helps to balance both the sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight) to parasympathetic – a relaxed state of mind.

Having spent years in Sales, I have worked with The Triangle Club (leaders of the future – Raine & Horne), Management through the 3 R’s with Building Societies branch managers, The design team at Stockland H. Q, Hot FM , Camera House and multiple businesses in understand how to obtain the “Best” from their team through understanding the individuals who make up a team.

Some of the areas that I have work in include the following:


  • Creating confidence
  • Increasing memory
  • Understanding buyers’ modalities – Ideal for Real Estate agents, stockbrokers, Insurance agents, Luxury cars sales
  • Education on de-stressing quickly
  • Removing Anger in minutes
  • Empowerment
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Breath work

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