Skin Disorders and RTT

Skin disorders – there are multiple.  For some people the visual appearance or public awareness because of the location of the disorder can cause undue stress to the individuals.  For others it is the perpetual itchiness or skin dryness which can almost drive people insane.

RTT has been used successfully for treating skin disorders, personally I have helped individuals with skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema – diet can play a significant role in recovery too.

One of my most interesting cases was a woman in her mid 40’s who had developed eczema in her ear canals – which were inflamed, flaky and painful, she had undergone various treatments including ointments, drops, diet change etc.

Using RTT we regressed her back to understand WHY and HOW she had developed this in her ears – this is a precis of the cause, which after 2 treatments and 6 weeks of recordings disappeared – this was a number of years back – she is still eczema free today.

During our regression to find out how, where and why this disorder appeared,  we regressed her back to 3 incidents when she was aware of the eczema

  • The first time eczema showed up was when she was informed that her sister had stage 3 breast cancer – her sister lived overseas and it was during the covid lock-down. Which meant she was unable to fly over and visit her sister. She was given treatment which appeared to have worked.
  • 3 months later, her sister informed her that the cancer was now at stage 4 – This time the eczema flared up so badly that it was weeping.

Her body was giving her a reason NOT TO HEAR! Because she did not want to hear any further bad news, more so because she was unable to be there to support her sister.

Using RTT and uncovering the HOW, WHERE, WHERE AND WHY this condition appeared, a recording was created which she listened to nightly to imprint her subconscious/unconscious mind.  After a period of 28 days there was no indication or appearance of the eczema – as her conscious mind understood the WHY.

RTT can be a wonderful tool to use in skin conditions, if you have a condition that you were not born with, maybe it would be worth your while undergoing an RTT program.

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