The Art Of Calm During Chaos

Living without Fear in these unprecedented times.


Watch people going down a roller coaster – some are screaming in excitement, whilst others are screaming in fear so what’s the difference?  Both cause the heart to beat faster, however one called
Fear robs us of our strength and clarity of mind, whilst the other makes us feel invincible.

FEAR IS AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE – a reaction of the unknow or having no control.

To better cope with all the uncertainty and fear, it helps to have a calm state of mind.

Yes, I understand that It’s easy enough to make statements in these uncertain times, with hundreds of quotes, different ideas, and certainly different messages being broadcast by the leaders of multiple Nations.

We are left with a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, because we are depending on someone else to advise us, to help us so it’s understandable that many are feeling fearful and therefor vulnerable.

The one control we do have is of our mind, and it is our mind that creates the feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, anxiety, joy, and all the myriad of emotions including love and fear.

How then can we then control our thought or change our thoughts so that they serve us best, so that we are not fearful, what tools do we have available for us 24/7?

So, what do?  What can we do?

We need to try to remain CALM and present.

This can be done by controlling our breathing – by taking long full breaths into our lungs and fully exhaling, multiple times…………..breathing in fully for a count of 4 and breathing out fully for a count of 5.  If you can’t manage that start with breathing in for 3 and breathing out for four. Taking deep inhalations through the nose and slowly exhaling out through the mouth it will settle down the sympathetic nervous system.  You can do these simple breathing exercises anywhere, anytime Do this for at least 5 minutes and your body will be in a state of homeostasis. Giving it a chance to recharge, so to speak.   When I am working with clients who have arrived at my doorstep seriously anxious, I take them through this process – everyone, is surprised at how simple this breath control is and how effective it is.  You don’t have to close your eyes if you don’t wish, but I find that it helps to settle the nervous system more easily – I encourage people to imagine that they are breathing in and our through their heart centre which is found inn the middle of your chest.

Thinking about your breath and associated emotions can help further, try the exercise below whilst feeling the emotion associated with the words.

Repeat this sequence as often as necessary throughout your day.

Breathe in PEACE – feel the sense of peace    

Breathe in JOY – feel the sense of joy

Breathe in LOVE –feel the sense of love

Breathe in LIFE – feel the strength of being healthy

Wherever you are in the world – Breath, Be calm, Be kind, Be consideration and be loving to those you care about and your personal self.

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