The Choices We Make Determine Who We Ultimately Become

What’s your choice today?

Over the decades I have worked with individuals and corporations (on personnel) for a variety of concerns.  The predominant life blocker and hacker of anyone’s life is the individual themselves. It all comes down to choice.  The choices that they make.

Like a road map your life, change can happen for good or bad depending on the direction you choose to take.

Just as we choose the underwear or clothing, we wear each day or our footwear, car, food etc we can also choose our words and choose to accept or reject words of others.  It’s quite simple when you think about it.  So many people live the life of others’ opinions rather than their own because they have taken on board the words and opinions of others.

Late the other night I was speaking with a person who was referred to me be after multiple years of medication and therapy – he was “gob smacked” to say the least when he understood that he could choose to take on board other’s opinions or to reject them.  That just like choosing his cloths in the morning and his preferred drink, he too could choose to take on board someone else’s words or opinions or to return them back to the originator of those words which is always done in a soft way.

Let me give you an example – someone says something detrimental to you in your personal life of your professional life – whatever that may be.  You can respond by thanking them for their opinion, by simply saying “Thank you for your opinion, please understand these are your words and they belong to you, as such I am leaving them with you”

Or “I appreciate that you do have an opinion – I clearly understood your words and I accept them as yours not mine, so I am leaving them with you”

When you take on board someone else’s detrimental opinion, you lose your power and give it to them, which in turn increases their power over you.

As I said its not about confrontation, but not accepting and sending back to the original orator their words.   You see we can choose to accept someone else’s words and take them on board as our own, which then sets up a limiting belief – a belief that what was said was the truth, and it is the truth, it is someone else’s truth though not yours.  

If you would like to know how to take back control of your life and to understand HOW, WHEN WHERE AND WHY you lost control and how you can learn to do something about it.  Please give me a call.  RTT and hypnotherapy coupled with Cognitive Behavioural therapy can help you take control of your life, so that you can live the life you were meant to live.

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