The Imposter Symdrome

This is a very interesting subject, and something that the majority of people tend to do during their lives, that is comparing themselves unfavourable to other people.   It’s not just the “poor me syndrome” but cuts across all sectors of individuals lives resulting in many people believing they are failures or not good enough or not deserving enough to have what they desire whether that is social structure, education, family life, body image, financially, or romantically.

The imposter syndrome has been experienced by most individuals at some time in their lives, for the majority of us, we move in and out of this state, however for many the imposter syndrome keeps them locked into a state of feeling that THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH. This can lead people down the road to Bulimia, depression, self-harm, and worse – suicide.

It’s wonderful that we are now being educated on ARE YOU OK? And that there is no longer a stigma to mental illness with many sporting greats and high profile individuals discussing their own journey through mental illness.

Getting rid of the Imposter in your life – is one of the first steps in moving forward towards a future that you can design for yourself.  This is not an easy task but does require one to understand WHY they fall back into this syndrome.  Accessing the unconscious part of you is the first step I believe in understanding HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN you adopted this behaviour.  Your subconscious mind is the background computer program that is running – for whatever reason you may have developed and retained this syndrome there is help!

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