The Power Of Pink Words

I like to use this term as one immediately understands what it means.  Pink words ae words spoken with kindness – words that do no harm, that hurt no-one, words that are gentle, positive, loving & supportive.

Having worked with multitude of individuals over the past few years, the biggest catalyst for change has been my clients understanding of re-framing words and sentences to words and sentences of a pink and positive kind.  It creates a softening of attitudes and creates a totally different energy attracting goodness and positiveness to their lives.   We all know that the most important words that you can ever hear are in the first instance the words that you say to yourself so using pink words to yourself will begin to affect how you view yourself and how you feel inside.  Using pink words when you write and/or speak with others will create a change in attitude from them towards you.  Using pink words does not mean using “fluffy words” but rather choosing your words carefully, considering the impact of the words spoken – delivering them in a different way.

Why don’t you try this for a few days – you may be surprised at the changes you see in yourself and others.

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