The Sounds of Silence

This iconic song written by Paul Simon written in 1964, has been a mantra for many people suffering in silence who believe that the song relates to them.  It makes perfect sense that they would think that when you listen to the lyrics of this song which is so prophetic and relates to life today, neon gods (commercialism), electronic devices that take the attention away from face to face, human interaction, suffering in silence, silence like the cancer grows – these lyrics do feel like a deep understanding of human disassociation based on distraction caused by electronic devices.

The lyrics “silence like a cancer grows” is so true for many sufferings from depression, this emotional state can be so overwhelming that to the sufferer it feels as thought their emotional state of depression, anxiety, and inadequacy continually grow.

In the work-place and just generally mental health still has a stigma to some extent, because of this stigma many individuals suffering, do suffer in silence.  Their belief is that should management or their colleagues understand that they have a mental health issue it may prejudices them – so they suffer in silence.

I know this to be the absolute truth for all my personal clients/patients who have been rebuffed by colleagues, friends and family who do not understand ‘WHY’ the sufferer is suffering.  They look externally at the individual who may have a wonderful job, good family life, and may be financially secure and cannot fathom their insecurity, anxiety, stress or a myriad of other mental health or unwellness concerns.  As I say to my clients one of the most destructive words I believe is WHY – I say this because no-one lives inside the head of anyone but themselves, each individual on the planet has their own emotional blue-print which is made up of all of their life’s experiences both good and not so good so no individual can truly understand how another is feeling because they don’t live inside that persons head.

Judgement is one of the most critical voices that presents itself to those suffering emotional unwellness, judgement from others and from the sufferer themselves.

If you are suffering in silence know that help is just a phone call or click away see your doctor first or in Australia contact:

Beyond Blue

Lifeline 13 11 14

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