To Be Or Not To Be…

Successful, happy, slim, strong, proud, determine, confident.

I love these words from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet – these 5 words can mean so much.  For me they are inspirational, because we all have within us the power to be or not to be – it is a personal choice.  Having said that for many of individuals, achieving their desires or goals is not so simple, because no matter how hard they try, nothing seems to work.

Many years ago, in the 80’s  and 90’s sales professionals, management and sporting individuals were encouraged to look in the mirror, look into their own eyes and tell themselves or say to themselves a personal mantra – they rigorously followed this ritual daily – but to their disappointment it did not work – the reason as now understood by quantum physics and neuroscience was that there was no emotion elicited, no energy exchange or  emitted.

Years ago, I worked with members of Raine & Horne’s Triangle club – an elite group of individuals hand picked for success, leaders of the future.  Our sessions worked with tools from NLP, CBT as well as various actives to re-wired beliefs for success by removing limiting beliefs.

If you have a team of individuals that are facing difficulties due to lock-down session can still be set up via zoom or skype.

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