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Let’s weigh in on the problem!

Weight loss is something that a staggering number of people have an issue with.

Did you know that … age-standardization comparison in the 2011–2012 Australian Health Survey reported 28.3% of Australian adults to be obese, with a massive 63.4% being overweight or obese. This figure is pretty frightening. Even worse, we know that many overweight adults end up with overweight children.

Every year, hundreds of new weight loss diets are introduced or diet secrets are promoted worldwide. The diet industry is worth millions of dollars, yet only 2% of diets work, leaving a 98% failure rate.

We are all aware of the risk factors of being overweight and the consequences to our health, including heart issues, diabetes type 2, even leading to more disturbing diseases.

If you suffer with a weight problem, know this: it really is not your fault that you are overweight; the yo-yo of reducing your body mass only to increase it again will likely continue all your life, no matter how hard you try.

I believe the reason is because people do not understand the root cause of their weight issue. Weight is emotional; it is an affliction brought about by beliefs buried in your subconscious mind or programmes you have installed in your subconscious, based on the words you speak regularly and the pictures you create in your head.

Your subconscious is listening!

How often have you heard people say, “No matter how much I diet, I can’t lose weight” or “No matter how little I eat and how hard I exercise, I can’t lose weight”, “I just look at food and I gain weight”, or “I just can’t give up carbs or sugar”?

These words are repeated over and over, so what message is your subconscious mind getting? It listens to the words you speak and the pictures you create in your head so, if you are repeating any of the above sentences, you are just programming your mind to not lose weight!

Our beliefs about ourselves determine what we are.

Are you an overeater?

There are six types of overeaters, described briefly below. Do you belong in any of these categories?

  1. Emotional eaters – This category covers a spectrum of emotions.People in this category eat when they are sad, angry, distressed or bored.
  2. Uneducated eaters – People in this category believe that:
    • Fats are bad and low fat diets are good. Fact: animal fats are good for your brain.
    • Diet foods are good. Fact: diet foods contain enhancers, sugars, flavourings, high sodium.
    • Energy drinks are good, etc. In other words, they believe the marketeers. These people may also be unfamiliar with the digestive system which requires you to chew your food at least 15 times to break it down.
  3. Habitual eaters – People in this category must eat 3–4 times a day. They don’t recognize when they are full. They eat whatever food is in front of them, regardless of whether they are hungry or not. They eat quickly. Often as a child, they were made to eat everything on their plate.
  4. Obsessive eaters – People in this category see food and have to eat it. They think about food all day. They look for the next ‘hit’ of food. 
  5. Addictive eaters – People in this category crave sugary food, junk food, refined food, they love carbohydrates because they are addicted to the chemical composition of these foods.
  6. Destructive eaters – People in this category always feel as though they can’t get enough. They hate sharing food, e.g. they panic in situations when food is shared, e.g. in a Chinese restaurant in case they get less. They feel uncomfortable when people dish out their meals out for them. They often go back for seconds.

Surgery is not the answer!

Many of us know individuals who have become so large that they resort to invasive surgery.  As we know, there is a danger to any type of surgery; however, removing parts of your stomach or placing a gastric band so that you can only swallow blended food means that your digestive system is not working correctly, this can lead to long-term health issues.

The latest research indicates the stomach is the second brain, so interfering with this is definitely not in your best interests.

Reducing your body weight can be painless.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a wonderful weight reduction tool.

While you are in a hypnotic trance, we can discover the root cause of your weight problem; we can then set about fixing your habits and changing your beliefs by rewiring your brain to new healthy thoughts.

Weight will come off your body in a timely manner rather than drastically. Your brain will know and understand what is best for you. We replace bad habits with good ones that are beneficial to you. There are a few methods we can apply including re-education and a desire to eat foods that benefit your body and that nourish and rejuvenate your body.

You and your new body

Imagine the money you have spent on endless weight loss diets that don’t work and excess food. Imagine your new future ahead of you.

If you are serious about wanting a new body, better health and a potentially longer life, book an appointment today to see how you can achieve this.


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