What is Personal Power?

My definition of Personal Power is a knowing that you have the power within you to tap into.

Personal Power is having your body, mind and soul aligned so that they work in your best interest.

Knowing how to balance your energy centres and to activate them when you need additional energy or when your energy is flagging.  Knowing how to still your mind so that you feel calm and in control, knowing how to have your unconscious mind and your conscious mind working in your best interest, knowing that there are endless possibilities and probabilities that exist for you.

For thousands of years and through all doctrines, and ancient and Indigenous cultures the knowing has always been “What you believe, so you shall be”.  Our unconscious mind does what it thinks we want it to do, so if you tell your unconscious mind, if you constantly self-talk destructive or limiting belief language you will get what your unconscious mind believes you and gives you exactly what it think you want.

Understanding how to collapse limiting beliefs and replace them with beneficial beliefs is a consistent task, but if you don’t know how to rewire your brain with new beneficial beliefs you will find yourself looping back to an emotional state that does not serve you best, the truth is that you cannot live in the present and project your future if you constantly live in the past – so making peace with your past is an important step to creating the future you want.

Let me help you to become the best version of yourself, happy, healthy and in control; armed with tools that help you to align your body, mind and soul.

On September 14th I will be conducting a Masterclass over a 5-hour period.  This masterclass is educational, interactive, informative and easy to understand.  You will take away with you a workbook, multiple handouts with exercises and information, an easy non-monastic meditation to download, gain an understanding of how to help yourself so that you become the best version of you.

The modules that will be presented at the Personal Power Masterclass are;-

  • Life Essentials
  • Mastering your mind (unconscious mind) so that your conscious mind and unconscious mind work in your best interests
  • Happiness gauge – understanding what an emotional bank balance is all about and how to ensure that your emotional bank balance is positive
  • Re-wire your mind – how to rewire your mind to new beneficial beliefs
  • Making Peace with your past – so that you can live in the present and create your future.
  • Developing your Intuition
  • How the art of Gratefulness can change the brain
  • How to harness your personal energy

We will finish with a 15 minute meditation to help connect you to your higher self.

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