“Why Me?” – Remaining In A State Of Victimhood

All of us has met someone whose life seems to go from bad to worse – we ourselves may have lived in the state of victimhood – where we just could not understand WHY life was going down the toilet.  The question we ask ourselves “Why me” -For many people this question is always top of mind, they continually think about their state which they believe is either BAD LUCK, or a belief that it is karma from a past life that they need to resolve.

Thinking this way is incredibly debilitating – it robs one of clarity of mind and saps physical strength – creating a lack of sleep, which in turn creates anxiety.

Life is a struggle for all animals on the planet.  Imagine being an insect knowing there are prey everywhere, or a smaller bird, fish, animal.  The one point of difference between us and animals is that we do have “free will” unless you are living in a country that does not allow you to live the way you choose.

Victimhood is a state of mind.

Many will argue against this – however, the fact is you choose your cloths, you choose your friends, you choose your state of mind.

Years ago whilst studying in London, we met 2 women both had been violated in the worst way – they each told their story having been violated by the safe offender.

One, turned to drugs and was a shadow of her former self “stating that she was robbed of life” when she was violated.

The other, chose to think in a different way – that was “he could have killed me” – he didn’t .  She chose to change her life and ended up going back to school, ultimately becoming a counsellor helping others.

It was their state of mind, their self-belief that they were either given an opportunity to grow, or they chose to be diminished by the event.

I am not choosing to make this as simple as the above statement, however, it is important to understand that we cannot live in the past, you can never re-live the horror or the events as they have already happened, however, you do have the choice to NOT LET the past live in the present.  To seek counselling, to seek help, to seek support to help you morph  into a new you.  It’s a struggle every day, but eventually you will suddenly realise that you are no longer living in the past.

If you have suffered an event and want to move beyond that state that I may be able to help you get this – quite obviously this is not going to happen overnight, however, I can help you with tools to help yourself as ultimately it is only you that can make the change by re-programming your mind to a new beneficial belief – to collapse old belief and replace them with new ones .

RTT – developed by Marisa Peer incorporates the best of CBT, NLP and Hypnotherapy to explore the reasons WHY you may have a limiting belief that hold you back and keeps you in the same mind-set.  Once that has been uncovered can I can help to re-wire your mind to a new positive belief and view of life.   Much like the programming in a computer, your unconscious mind can be re-wired to allow you to see life in a different way.

Can you imagine walking up, looking forward to your day, week, month, and year!

Can you imagine no longer living in victimhood?

Would you like to feel happier, healthier, and more grounded?

RTT is a modality that works directly with your unconscious mind which is the keeper of all your emotions and all your behaviours.  Through RTT we can access your limited belief , collapse them and re-wire new beneficial beliefs, much like re-programming a computer.

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