Words Can Change Your Life

Today I was chatting with a patient who asked me to explain this in writing to people as it is such vital information – it is true that the most important words that you can ever say are the words you say to yourself – and of course , we self-talk all day long.  If you think of your sub-conscious mind as being like a 4 year old child – would you speak to them

  • Harshly
  • Critically
  • Cruelly
  • Dismissively
  • Violently
  • Abusively

Would you…

  • Put them down
  • Diminish them
  • Ignore them
  • Not consider their feeling
  • Be unkind to them?

If you have answered NO to any or all these questions, then you have to ask yourself WHY you say, act or behaviour this way towards yourself??

Learning to re-frame your self-talk can literally change your world – as I say to my clients/patients it is important to always remember that when you speak to yourself to imagine that you are speaking to a 4-year-old child-as the unconscious mind does listen to the words you say and takes them for granted.

E.g. if you frequently say “OMG I am so stupid” then you are telling your unconscious mind that you are stupid, if you say this frequently then you are firing and wiring a belief that becomes ingrained into your psyche.

Words such as “I am never going to get anywhere?  I am never going to find my life partner?  I don’t have a Uni degree.  I am afraid? I am of no value” “I am fat”, “I am unemployable because of my age or education” –

It is said that 90% of the words we say to ourselves today, we probably said to ourselves yesterday and the day before and the days , weeks, months and years before that.

Your unconscious mind is much like a computer programme, the programme can be changed – it is up to you to choose change.

Neuroscience understands that you and only you have the ability to change your programmes, to change the words that you say to yourself. It is seriously a matter of being in the moment and catching yourself when you make any statement which is not beneficial to yourself.

Ending a sentence in a positive light will help to collapse emotional s or repeated throughs – it is a matter of being present. So let me reframe some of the above messages for you so that you get he idea.

I am fat reframe to – I am overweight at the moment, lucky for me , I can choose to eat healthy food and exercise – it may take time, but I will get to an ideal weight”

I don’t have a Uni degree – I may not have a Uni degree, but I do have life experience, the good thing is that if I do want a degree, I can choose to do that on line – it is never too late.

Story – many years ago I met a woman called Elaine, she fell pregnant at 16 married, had several children who decided to go back to school (yes to school), so she did night school to complete year 12 – she went on to be an environmental scientist in her middle years and change the course of her future.

Another story, a close friend of mine decided to study psychology, she started her studied as 42 and completed them at 50.  It is never too late, to choose what you want to do, what you want to be, how you want to feel.

The words you say to yourself are so very, very important.  So choose to be in the present and observe your words – so that you can change them to benefit you.   The words you say to yourself which programmes your unconscious mind can change your life.   Read some of my testimonials. 

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