Words Can Literally Change Your Life!

Self-talk  can change your life for the better or the worst.

What would you prefer?

Thought and thought alone can and does  creates stress which creates stress hormones which can  create disease.

Words and feeling can influence matter.  One of the most famous studies on the power of thought was in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment – where words of hate and anger were expressed verbally to water which was frozen, and words of love and compassion were spoken to a second lot of water from the same source, with the same volume.

The crystal appearance of both is astounding and shown in the image below.

Love is the upper image, beautiful, shiny , clear, whereby the lower image show the crystals of hate and self-deprecation.

Dr. Emoto’s experiments are not something new.  For years scientists have been experimenting with vegetables and fruits with similar results.   For example, when classical music was played plants grew strong and were highly productive, whereas plants that were exposed to heavy metal and strong violent/abusive words became stunted with minimal crops production.

 How do you speak to yourself?

Is it loving and kind?


Self-deprecating, critical and  demeaning?

 Imagine if you could take a journey inside your body and look at your cells when you are speaking and acting out of love – and imagine looking inside your body when you are critical, and demeaning.

Now imagine what that does to your health based on what it can do to other living matter?

Millions of words based on thousands of hours of research have been devoted to the effects of positive and negative self-talk, to feeling of gratitude as opposed to feeling of resentment and anger.

Neuro-science and the evidence as outline above understand that your body listens to the words you say, so say loving, kind, words consistently to yourself – the words you choose to say to yourself is up to you.  So, if you are wanting health and vitality always end your self-talk sentences with a positive note.

I will outline a few re-frame sentences as an example.


  • Things are going from bad to worse ADD thank goodness it’s only for the moment. – you are telling your sub-conscious mind now, that it is only temporary.
  • I am stupid, I just can’t remember anything ADD that’s not true, it may have felt true in the past, but now, I am becoming more observant.

Change requires effort and commitment.  You can change, it’s your choice.  Just as you can choose what to wear or what to eat, you can choose what you say and what you feel.  We are the only animals on the plant that can think a thought and change our physiology.  Isn’t that amazing!

So, go-on, start today, it’s not easy but it is possible to change your language, to change the words.  It just takes patience and practice.

If you find yourself thinking unkind words – STOP! And immediately re-frame them to something kind or positive about yourself.  Doing this will help you change your mind Literally!

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