Workplace Happiness = Greater Productivity

We have a broad range of emotional states including happiness and joy.  These states of being create greater productivity whether at home, work, or play.

Positive emotional states especially happiness and joy release beneficial hormones throughout the body, these include Serotonin which is a neuro-transmitter, dopamine and Endorphins which supports feelings of motivation and Oxytocin which plays a role in behaviour including  social bonding.

Larger companies throughout the world like Google understand that creating a happy work environment where there are no threats or disempowerment automatically increases feeling of happiness and therefor productivity and creativity. Their workplaces are designed with consideration implementing tools such as colour psychology, meditation spaces, recreational spaces with perhaps pool tables, play stations etc.

I have noticed that in Australia a few companies are introducing weekly meditation, these companies however must uphold the Holistic principals of which mediation is a part of.  (Kindness, support, empathy, understanding

The fact is that individuals spend more awake hours at work than they do at home, so it makes sense to create an environment that is supportive of mental health .

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