You Are The Architect Of Your Emotions!

Just as you can sit down and design your dream home, your dream holiday, your dream outfit you too can design your emotions, which govern your life.

Let me explain – the awake you – THE SELF can be the master of your mind – the majority of us live in an emotional state of being which is driven by the unconscious mind/sub-conscious mind – this part of you lives in an emotional state with no rational.  That’s why so many people cannot move beyond their own limitations – their limited beliefs, their limited thoughts that do not serve them best.

Your mind – (the unconscious self) or what I like to call your “little self” can be controlled by the conscious self – the Little Self has thousands and thousands of synapses all relating to various emotional responses; emotional responses that you have repeated so many times, literally hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of times over the period of your life.  Exactly like a computer program running all the time – your unconscious mind or the little self can be re-programmed by over-riding your limited thoughts through re-framing.

Synapses to my understanding are based on emotional responses or Emotions; Emotions are feelings associated with a memory, or an experience which has become a memory.

As mentioned above these emotions and memories reside in your “unconscious mind” which I call the “Little self”.

Simply explained – Every time you feel a familiar emotion is sets off and triggers in your memory – in fact, the first time you fired and wired a set of synapses associate with an emotional response or behaviour may be in the distant past, so long ago that you – the intellectual-self has no recollection of HOW, WHEN AND WHY you started playing out this behaviour which becomes an emotion which then becomes a habit!

Through hypnotherapy and RTT and NLP we can help you to uncover the reason/s WHY you have emotional issues or behavioural issues.   Once uncovered, we can review these limited beliefs together so that you on “a conscious level “ can truly understand how, when, and why you formed these limited beliefs.  Once these limited beliefs have been uncovered you then have the power to collapse and change these beliefs – this does take time.

If you would like to be the architect of your Life, if you would like to re-design your life in how you feel, how you think then it starts with you.

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